Our Process

Where are you?  Where do you want to go?  How will you get there?  It sounds simple, but it really is disciplined work.  Built on strong business fundamentals, our consulting process is designed to sift out the distractions and identify the key, and sometimes missing, profit drivers in your enterprise.  At the center of it all is the collaborative relationship between you and a business advisor who will shepherd the process from end to end. Our process supports you with a tailored analysis and evaluation, 90-day impact plan, and coaching relationship.

Analysis & Evaluation

How do you truly know where you stand today? And where you want to go tomorrow?  Those questions are answered through an in-depth analysis and evaluation of your restaurant.  By poring over your books and POS data, we get a very objective handle on your business.  The more subjective data is revealed through a series of operational observations including undercover dining, and interviews with you and potentially even key personnel.  Michael and Chantal use the information from that process to create a detailed report of boring statistics, useful ratios, and an easy-to-read narrative for you.  Now the planning can begin.


90-Day Impact Plan

So how do you get where you want to go?  We always start with the two or three objectives identified to have the greatest impact on accomplishing your goals.  Then we provide a detailed plan that lays out every step, and identifies who will do the work and when it will be completed.



Think of a coach as an accountability partner in helping you get through the process.  Over the 90-day plan period, we will be as available as needed, but more important, we will have regularly scheduled communication focused on managing your plan to a successful conclusion.  Rest assured that we are dedicated to seeing the project through.  More info.


A Note on Costs

We are sensitive to your limited resources.  We know your time, in particular, is precious, and that your kitchen doesn’t print money.   For our part, we are committed to making a positive difference in your business by working efficiently, and providing cost-effective advice and services that boost your bottom line.  All our work is quoted on a flat fee, because we are as skeptical about open-ended hourly charges as you are.


Next Steps

So, how do we get started?  Peruse our website and blog. If you like what you see, then contact us and we can begin a conversation to confirm that we are a good match. 


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