When you’re running a business, your sanity is more important than anyone else’s.  Few businesses present as many constant disruptions and fires to put out as restaurants.  The demands of ownership create three persistent struggles shared by almost all business owners:

So, why is it important to have a coaching relationship as you face these struggles?  Because it is imperative you have someone who sees your unique position as an owner.  Perhaps you look to others for advice—your attorney, an accountant, maybe a business partner, or even a significant other.  Problem is, they all see you and your business through a lens that is filtered by the specific skill sets attributed to their profession or by their position in your life.  You need someone who views you differently—and our lens is different.

Chantal’s and Michael’s vision of a coaching relationship is built around the concept of Intentional Management and uses a simple recipe consisting of three key ingredients:

  • Intentional Thinking

  • Focused Action

  • Accountability


We work to build a partnership that returns you maximum results, while being respectful of your time and money.  By investing 30 minutes of face time per week (and maybe some follow-up emails), we will engage together in an agenda designed to restore sanity to your life.

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