We’ve heard countless stories of late tax returns, theft discovered months after the fact, panic over cash flow, and a general lack of control.  Accurate and timely recordkeeping may be boring, but it is critical to so many areas of your business and mental health.  A well-functioning system establishes control and provides you key financial information, which in turn improves decision making, as well as your ability to work, apply for credit, and get your taxes completed in a timely fashion.  And it keeps you sane.

Some clients come to us with books in reasonably good shape, while others give us boxes of disheveled invoices and unopened mail.  We’re not here to judge; we are here to have your recordkeeping system up to our high restaurant-specific standards within 45 days. Utilizing QuickBooks Online, Savory Advisors will have your books working seamlessly with your banking, POS reports, and payroll.  Not only will your chart of accounts will be reflective of a restaurant, but you also will be looking at timely financial reports and meaningful information.  Plus, you can log in to your QuickBooks Online account anywhere you have online access.  So, if you want to spoil a beautiful day at the beach, knock yourself out!


Payroll can’t be “mostly” right.  We process payroll through Intuit using its QuickBooks Full Service Payroll service.  All payroll, taxes, and tax reporting are done through one system.  Employees can have direct deposit, they can even have a preloaded debit card, and they have online access to their paystubs.  The payroll is processed in the same software interface as your bookkeeping records.  In this way, your books are always in sync with your payroll records.  None of that costs extra.

Sometimes payroll can’t wait.  We get it.  Restaurants have turnover.  They have turnover at night, on weekends, and even on holidays.  We get that, too—and it’s why we don’t charge extra for final checks for terminated employees.  We also don’t charge extra for garnishments, or for filling out your worker’s compensation payroll audits.  You pay a low monthly flat fee, and it covers a lot.



Clients often choose us because we are—dare we say it?—cheap.  But they stay with us because our work is accurate, we do it on time, and it does not carry any hidden fees.  Our flat fee for bookkeeping is the same whether you have us process your payroll or you pay another outside payroll service.  Why?  Because we must do the keystrokes either way.  Let’s cover that again:  We do bookkeeping; we do bookkeeping and payroll.  Same flat fee.

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